Engineering The Success of Women

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Atlanta, Georgia

The purpose of this Project is to provide a proven engineered pathway for you to achieve powerful and sustainable levels of success. We provide a system of solutions to issues you regularly face in the workplace. The “Fave Five For Females” makes it possible for you to understand and manage the effects of hormones and neurology on work performance, time management on personal relationships, and exercise and diet on general wellness.

Imagine yourself as a woman full of energy and confidence with enough time for family and work…this is how it should be.”

– Annette Comer

During the Warrior Women Project event, we will be going on a journey together with transformational strategies and solutions showing exactly what you need to do “as a woman” to achieve a bold and balanced life. The event will isolate you from your day-to-day normalcy and will bring great attention to what you eat and how you sleep, as well as how you communicate and behave. You will leave energized, inspired, and skilled in a new model of female success.

Women are lead to believe that they have to do it all to have a happy and fulfilled life. I can tell you that this is not true and that they can find success with a balanced life if they just follow the new design.”

– Barbara Lukasvky

Recent studies reveal that only 4.9% of CEOs are women and that females are still paid on average 77 cents for every dollar paid to men. Yet women are working harder and are more exhausted and frustrated than ever. The model of success we have been using isn’t getting us where we want to go.

The “Fave Five for Females” changes this! The pillars of Physiology, Perceptivity, Psychology, Purpose, and Productivity are a system that completely turns the old approach to success upside down. This means you can now enjoy a happier and more energetic life and reach performance levels you never thought possible. This is our dream for you. We invite you to be the new woman…a woman who is bold and balanced!

About the Location

In Atlanta, Georgia, experience fine dining, shopping and a rich history combined with inspiration-inducing attractions to create a Southern charm and world-class sophistication.


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