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Annette Comer


Bestselling Author

Hailed as a high performance coach and business consultant in the U.S and abroad, Annette is founder and driving force for the Warrior Women Project. Also, she has built upon the 5 pillars of performance she developed by merging scientific and spiritual wisdom – proven success strategies to modify self-limiting beliefs, redefine roles, and transform professional and personal lives.

In a 20-year career with a Fortune 500 company, she managed people and departments, secured patents, and simultaneously started her first company. Then came a second company, followed by a third and a fourth. A student of a world, she studied at five international universities, earned a global MBA, and pioneered as a consultant, helping optimize processes and profitability for businesses in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Her bestselling book, “Rescue Me! How to Save Yourself and your Sanity when Things Go Wrong,” reinforces the Warrior Women Project’s universal mission. Still a corporate consultant, she is president of Enterprise Excellence, Inc.

Barbara Lukavsky


Bestselling Author

A professional icon and international consultant, Barbara brings the secret of her biggest successes to the Warrior Women Project. She transitioned from a nascent career as an x-ray technician to owning a chain of the highest performance cosmetic studios in the US and created a line of personal care products under her private label LuSan, Inc. Early accomplishments led to a 20-year tenure as the first woman to serve on the board of directors for a leading global financial corporation. As president of her namesake company, Barbican, LLC., she launched enterprise after enterprise in manufacturing, publishing, distribution, retail, and direct marketing, all competitive on an international scale.

With increasing business acumen, her list of distinctions grew to include an appointment to The President’s Council on Women in Business. “Success… Simply Stated” is her first book. Her latest, “The Road Home: Finding a Way,” is available on Amazon.


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